25Kadr Gallery

In 2011, Alise Bulchak and Tatyana Zvenigorodski founded a gallery by the name of 25KADR GALLERY. The gallery was originally located at the former printing house of the Nauka («Science»), Moscow and later moved to a space of the Paper Design Shop at Red October. In 2018, the gallery moved to an old mansion, built by Voskresensky architec in 1913. (An architectural monument, a house of S.F. Sveshnikovа). Since its inception, the gallery collaborates with major Russian museums such as MAMM, MMOMA and the Kolodzei Art Foundation (USA), annually participate in international fairs, the gallery has sponsored several projects and fairs, among which are exhibitions such as the Biennale and the Photobiennale. The gallery also promotes contemporary Russian Art, including exhibitions at various venues in Moscow and abroad. The gallery also hosts many Russian and international artists. Some of the Russian artists that the gallery cooperates with are Andrei Andreev (St. Petersburg), Alexey Vasiliev (Kaluga), Ivan Dubiaga (Krasnodar), Roman Losev (Ufa), Evgeniya Nozhkina (Voronezh) and Yanina Chernykh (Moscow). The gallery also deals with the creative legacy of Evgeny Medvedev (Moscow) and the visual arts of Stephan Crasneanski (New York). Support and development of regional art is a priority of the gallery, along with the organization of personal exhibitions of resident artists, as well as their participation in international cultural exchanges, fairs and exhibition projects.

 Support for non-commercial, experimental initiatives, art and curatorial projects, not only in the gallery space, but also beyond its borders, is another area of the gallery's activities. The gallery is interested in cooperation with young beginning authors, theoreticians and critics for participation in joint exhibition and educational projects, as well as in inter-institutional interaction with Russian and foreign galleries and museums. The main objective of the gallery is to create the most comfortable conditions for the advancement of experimental art, a platform for searching for new, and original ideas in contemporary art, open to discussion and dialogue.