25Kadr Gallery

The well-known Russian gallery “25Kadr”has been established in May 2011. It represents national and international artists, both emerging and eminent. We are committed to showcasing talent across a spectrum of mediums and seek to provide a platform for exchange, investigation and innovation.

Together with hosting a diversity of solo and group exhibitions, 25Kadr Gallery is focused on developing and presenting unique and groundbreaking projects, providing new experiences for both artist and audience alike. We host our exhibitions in a variety of venues in order to provide the best conditions for experiencing art. This continual exploration of space and context, coupled with the extraordinary work of selected artists means our audience should expect to be fascinated, challenged and delighted.

We strive to inspire and engage our public by creating environments where discussion and exploration of art is facilitated though open dialogue, workshops and lectures. It is important that we continue to involve a wider audience with our exhibitions and events and allow those seeking to be part of the contemporary art world opportunities to fully participate and indulge.

25Kadr Gallery aims to expose Russian talent both in Moscow and internationally, whilst bringing the work of exceptional international artists to Russian audiences and beyond. Outside of Moscow, we currently host projects and exhibitions in countries such as Italy, France, USA, and the United Kingdom.