Evgeniya Nozhkina

Evgeniya Nozhkina



Born in 1986, lives in Voronezh.

Graduated from the Voronezh State Pedagogical University, Department of Fine Arts. Worked as a set designer, costume designer, designed 7 performances. Resident of the Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art.

A member of the art group "Petino".

Evgenia is one of the brightest representatives of the Voronezh art scene. She actively participates in exhibitions at independent and institutional venues.

Evgenia 's works were exhibited in the framework of group projects at the Electrozavod Gallery, in the Untitled Art Hub, Fabrika CTI, the Triangle curatorial workshop, the WINZAVOD Center for Contemporary Art in Moscow, the Luda Gallery in St. Petersburg, including Number in the framework of the parallel and special program of the V International Moscow Biennale of Young Art.

Solo show: 

2017 – «Prjad / tki», the Center of Contemporary Art (Kazan)

2017 – «Prjad / tki», Voronezh Center of Contemporary Art(Voronezh)

2016 – «Make an increase», together with A. Merenkova, Voronezh Center of Contemporary Art (Voronezh)

V Moscow International Biennale of Young Art, a parallel project, Organized by Pop / off / art Gallery, gallery Untitled (Moscow)

2015 – «Crazy quilt», curatorial gallery «Triangle» (Moscow)

2015 – «The Stories of a Little Girl», gallery «Intimate Place” (St. Petersburg)

2015 – «Something familiar», the Voronezh Regional Museum. Kramskoy (Voronezh)

2015 – «Personal Affair», Culture Center Campanella «Country of Freedom» (Voronezh)

2014 – «Just to the point» Voronezh Center of Contemporary Art (Voronezh)

Selected group show:

2018 – «FAMILIENARCHIV», Theater am Steg, 25KADR GALLERY (Baden,Austria)

2017 — the Partisipant of  Cosmoscow, Art Fair, 25Kadr Gallery, (Moscow)

2016 – «In the glorious city of Voronezh» - a special project, the V Moscow International Biennial of Young Art, the Center for Contemporary Art «Winzavod» (Moscow)

2016 – bar «Joy» - a parallel project, the Center for Creative Industries «Factory» V Moscow International Biennale of Young Art (Moscow)

2016 – «Treasured Tales», gallery «Luda» (St. Petersburg)

2016 – «Let's get acquainted» gallery «Untitled» (Moscow)

2015 – performance «Bodily practices in the space of freedom», Correctional labor colony «Bor» (Voronezh region)

2015 – premiere - NORDWING Festival 2015, Kampnagel (Hamburg, Germany)

2015 – «Yubochny performance» with the team «Shvemy», House of Culture «Roses» (St. Petersburg)

2015 – «We have clouds in our heart», Electrozavod gallery (Moscow)

2014 – «The Last Weekend on the Voronezh Sea», AC MAKARONKA (Rostov-on-Don)

2014 – «Hand in art» project M. Shemyakin (Voronezh, Lipetsk)

2013 – «Folk Motives in Creativity» Festival «Chernozem», Municipal Exhibition Hall (Voronezh)

2012 – «Voronezh beauty», gallery «Chlam» (Voronezh)

2011 – «Hybrids» Voronezh Center for Contemporary Art, gallery «Chlam» (Voronezh) Mentioned in the list of the 25 best works of 2015 by Around art version

2013 – Laureate of the Prize of the departmental program «Talented Youth of the Voronezh Region».

2015 – project «Dear to Heart» - participant of the art-residence «Observation of open space» (Divnogorie)

Art-residence nominee for the XI All-Russian Contest in the field of contemporary art «INNOVATION»

Some works

Hiding/Weaving Пряд/тки, 2017


Curator: Ksenia Lukina

"The inhuman is also constantly producing art - we just call it ordinary," - Timothy Morton "Realist Magic" From the caves of natural stalactites move to the station bridges, from secluded grottoes - they get into the dungeons of large-scale productions. The organic process of material accumulation and form formation becomes part of anthropogenic activity: the sediment of heavy metals, toxic substances, exhausts and dust obeys the same laws as the relief of the Kungur caves.

Evgenia Nozhkina transforms the remains of cloth and old clothes into a kind of organic savings. A flap, sleeve, hem, or the whole thing is not grinded and woven into the scheme - the material itself forms the canvas into which it lies. Nozhkina follows the logic of traditional needlework, while allowing the material itself to skip rows and confuse loops inside this logic. The trimming of the fabric, along which it is still possible to trace the forms of the patterns that have thrown them off, find common ground between them - they are sewn in the manner of how the pillows are made.

More complex fragments of ready-made products are woven together in a technique similar to that of tapestry, however, intentionally not implying a pattern or harmony. Remains of yarn and years of stored beads, actually found in their own workshop objects, are confused in a single web and are hidden from the eyes. It is impossible to simply look at it, it is only permissible to look into the space it creates, how it is impossible to build navigation in an impenetrable cave and to examine each corner of it.

Objects of Nozhkina follow the inhuman beginning, return to the organic field what was seized from it. Evgenia Nozhkina (born 1986) is one of the brightest representatives of the Voronezh art scene and actively participates in exhibitions at independent and institutional venues throughout Russia. Her works were exhibited in the framework of group projects in the gallery "Electrozavod", in the art hut Untitled, in the CСI "Fabrika", the curatorial workshop "Triangle", the Center for Contemporary Art WINZAVOD in Moscow, in the gallery "Luda" in St. Petersburg, in that Number in the framework of the parallel and special program of the V International Moscow Biennale of Young Art. Eгgenia Nozhkina lives and works in Voronezh.

Materials: Cloth, linen thread. 2017
190 см х 150 см х 2 см, 190 см х 156 см х 2 см, 190 см х 190 см х 2 см, 120 см х 75 см х 2 см, 50 см х 50 см х 2 см, 40 см х 40 см х 2 см


Related stories 

Works are woven in the tapestry technique, not from the usual yarn, but from the cut fabric.

A picture from an interwoven fabric seems abstract, although most people see familiar images in it. Someone's portrait, a landscape from a distant childhood, fantastic creatures from fairy tales. But the story that the "tapestry" keeps, does not lie on the surface.

The fabric used in the work is a witness of different events. Each tapestry shows a story, or tells about man who was surrounded by "these dumb witnesses." Some tapestries tell us about certain time slices, about fashion, about taste, about addictions in the interior, about the trends of a specific time.

The teacher taught us that the tapestry is a mixture of all the weavings and there are no certain frames that you can do everything, but I always did not understand why the shape should remain rectangular. And the last year I'm experimenting with the shape of the tapestry and from yarn and fabric. As you can see, the form is not always simple, it does not always go straight, there is a "failure", some lines are knocked out of the rows and take on a certain accent.

Tapestry has long been not a function of the carpet, to keep heat in the home. So why is it still exhibited steadily hanging on the wall?

After all, it has its own thickness structure and nothing can prevent it from the two-dimensional plane. In this project I want to exhibit tapestries on the wall, hanging on the floor and on the floor, so that creases create the patterns one way, and resemble the mountainous terrain another way. Hunging in space also. Some works will be static, like ice sculptures. And some will create a movement effect. Some works will seem easy, like an autumn-torn leaf, only for a moment, delayed in this place, and it will blow away further to new travels in the seconds.

Materials: Cloth, linen thread. 2017

“Make an increment” exhibition by A. Merenkova and E. Nozhkina

The artists will show their new works made in the techniques of embroidery and knitting at their exhibition “Make an increment”. The usage of the traditionally female practices in this project is not related to reflection on gender, but to the reconsideration of the cultural heritage, interaction with historical context and revelation of the hidden sexuality.

In some of the presented artworks, Evgenia Nozhkina uses a technique that she inherited from her grandmother. Just as centuries before, the artworks are created from leftovers that remain after the knitting of other clothes, becoming an indirect evidence of processes that took place at a house. The reactualized traditional practices, on the one hand, speak of the timeless monotonous process of its creation, on the other, of the desire and accumulated errors that become a congealed object-libido.

The works of Angelina Merenkova imitate recognizable flags and banners of the past that continue to be relevant to this day. The arising military conflicts force to reflect about the reasons they are based on. Images of military power are interwoven with images of sexuality, unconscious desires, referring to images of fertility, going through the history of mankind.

Materials: Cloth, linen thread. 2016

3, 4, 5 photo:
Year of creation: 2016
Technique: Tapestry
Materials: Yarn, linen threads
Size: 80 cm x 60 cm, 86 cm x 50 cm, 85 cm x 50 cm.

6, 7, 8, 9 10, 11, 12 photo: 
Year of creation: 2016 
Technique: Weaving 
Materials: Yarn
The sizes vary.

13,14 (2 works on the photo), 15 photos:
Year of creation : 2016 
Technique: Embroidery 
Materials: Cloth, thread
Size: 50 cm 50 cm, 45 cm x 45 cm, 45 cm x 45 cm, 80 cm x 125 cm.