Yanina Chernykh

Yanina Chernykh


Yanina Chernykh

Yanina Chernykh is a graduate of the IPSI, a participant of the special program V and IV of the Moscow International Biennale of Young Art, a special program of the VI Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art. A solo exhibition was held at the Electrozavod Gallery in 2016. Participant of group exhibitions in the galleries: «Electrozavod» (Moscow), Rosa Palace (St. Petersburg), the Art Residence project (Moscow), the Timeryazev State Museum (Moscow), Rennes (France) of the festivals Art Ovrag (Vyksa) and Forma (Moscow).


2018 – group exhibition «FAMILIENARCHIV», Theater am Steg, 25KADR GALLERY (Baden,Austria)

2018 – group exhibition «About me, please, about me», parallel program of Moscow international biennale for young art, 25KADR GALLERY (Moscow)

2018 – personal exhibition «The spirit flows, where it wants», 25KADR GALLERY (Moscow)

2017 - group exhibition «CC 148. Art as a crime», Loft at Baumanskaya (Moscow)

2017 - «Mad Diary. Cinema zin», GRUND (Moscow)

2017 - solo show «Sleeping Beauty», Voronezh Center of Contemporary Art (Voronezh)

2016 - «COSMOS. LOVE», Artplay (Moscow)

2016 - «PedArTUdar», Open Workshops (St. Petersburg)

2016 - «Contrary to expectations», international art-residence «Guslitsa»

2016 - «Bar Joy», a special project of the 5th Moscow International Biennale of Young Art, the Center for Creative Industries «Fabrika» (Moscow)

2016 - «Psycho», an additional project of the 5th Moscow International Biennial of Young Art, the Center for Creative Industries «Fabrika» (Moscow)

2016 - «Places», «Electrozavod» gallery (Moscow)

2016 - solo show «Pig», «Electrozavod» gallery (Moscow)

2016 - «Can We Meet?», within the framework of the open horizontal feminist festival (Moscow)

2016 - «Sorry, but this is not all», Total Art Club (Moscow)

2015 - «Yolki ART», The Timiryazev State Biological Museum (Moscow)

2015 - «The Future. Fine arts in the imaginary future», a special project of the 6th Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art Manezh», International Exhibition Center «Worker and Collective Farm Woman» (Moscow)

2015 - PedArTUdar: exhibition of pedagogical art, Rosa DK (St.Petersburg)

2014 - «In search of silence - Quest for silence», Workshops «povARt», International cultural project «Art-Residence» with the support of the Directorate of the project «Open Stage» (Moscow)

2014 - Q1 = Q2 Exhibition «Heat Exchange» as part of the IV Moscow International Biennale of Young Art

2013 - «Mustavka» (Rennes, France)

2013 - «Mustavka», Multimedia Art Museum (Moscow)

2012 - Festival «Forma», the Bauman garden (Moscow)

2012 - student art fair, Artplay (Moscow)

2012 - the exhibition of students IPSI, «Random» gallery (Moscow) 

2012 - the final exhibition of IPSI students in the framework of ArtMoskva, Central House of Artists (Moscow)

2012 - exhibition of IPSI students «Outdoors», Artplay (Moscow)

2012 - the festival «Art-ravine» (Vyksa)

2012 - solo show, «Random» gallery (Moscow)

Some works

«The spirit blows where it wants» 2017, iron


Inspired by the life story of Maria Pavlovna Romanov, cousin of the last Russian emperor, the artist sends the viewer on a journey following the aristocratic spirit that broke away from Russia during the years of the revolution and the civil war. «Russia, which we lost», still bemoaned by the Russian intellectuals in the version of Yanina dematerialized, freed from its historicity and ascended to heaven to become the eidos of personal freedom, creative flight and fullness of life. This supra-political and above historical construction is hovering around the world, just before the specter of communism «wandered» through Europe, incarnating each time in new historical circumstances, reflecting, on the one hand, the destinies of the twentieth century, and on the other hand, exposing the fragility of the spirit itself Unfitness to the brutal struggle that fell to his age.

Iron sculptures, representing seven avatars, consist of two bodies - an angular frame that wraps a crocheted colored wire, reminiscent of either chain mail, or a construction foam - some external protective or binding element. The bizarre shapes of these objects are dictated by the circumstances in which the spirit incarnates and acts. They are the skins or faces that he discards, reborn from one hypostasis to another on his way to freedom.

The cartoon reveals to us the plots of seven full lives, lived in the spirit, each has its own birth and death. Expressionist manner in which animation is performed, is the antithesis of an angular quasi-modernist sculpture. Thus, the combination of two fairly distant media in one narrative gives the author's design a touch. At the same time, the dichotomy of the material and the non-material is overcome in the spirit of monism, which is close to the Russian idealistic philosophy of cosmism.

In general, the elegiac or even nostalgic tone of the artist, resurrecting the ghosts and spirits of a bygone era, is especially understandable now, when a completely different wind blows from Russia.

Curator: Dimitri Venkov

"Under the cover",  relief, plastic. 100*200 cm, looped video projectionInstallation of paper reliefs and fabrics. The size varies

The main theme of the project is the problem of perception of the body, its integrity in the conditions of physical and psycho-emotional trauma, represented by video projections, the main object of which is the artist's body. At the same time, considering the problem of self-perception of corporality in the above aspect, the artist discovers many adjacent interpenetrating discourses having common etymological roots.

And the problem of the heterogeneity of time is strongly associated with gender constructs and specific experience gained in them, which is reflected in transparent decorative reliefs with motifs of lace ornamentation of the 19th century.

An important component of the project is the light and shadow installations that fill the exhibition space, creating the illusion of a barrier and the need to overcome, both physical and emotional.

The artist invites the viewer to an emotional-imaginative dialogue, telling the metaphorical history of her own experience.

When no one hears, 2017. Animation, 2'20 ''

A film about changing a person's vision, about moving to another level.


"Svivanie", installation, 2016. 

Antique Doll, 30cm, five canvases in the technique of lacy embroidery, Richelieu, 70/130 cm, copies of documents - certificates of abortion of the project’s author, five plaster sculptures, 90-120 cm

Semantic center of the installation is a doll, fragments of which were collected in different cities (the body was made in Russia in 1910, the head in Poland in the 1930s, and the doll bought in 2015 in Paris). In the context of the project a doll bears the role of the object as if endowed with memory. Fragments of the life history of an imaginary doll solved graphically in the art Richelieu - openwork embroidery. Technique Richelieu artist selected as one of the most adequate tools, embodying the concept of the fragmentation of the imagination of humans. These memories are rendered fictional background for evidence of real events, presented in the form of projections of medical documents about abortion in 2013.

These two stories, fictional history of dolls and the real history of abortion, balance sculptures depicting people in hiding positions. They are made of white plaster, partially covered with salt, and it seems that they are buried in space.


"Sea dairy", 

17 diary embroidered cloths sewn together with fragments of found objects - a certificate of stay in the children's camp "Eaglet"