Andrei Andreev

Andrei Andreev


St.Petersburg, Moscow

Andrei graduated from the Saint Petersburg State Academic Art Lyceum. The artist also studied in the faculty of Graphic Arts from 2007 to 2013 at the Saint Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting and Architecture. In 2013, Andrei graduated with recognition from the St Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting and Architecture. In 2009, he studied book graphics at the painters studio under the guidance of an academician from the Russian Academy of Arts, Professor Andrei Pakhomov. Since 2013, Andrei has been a member of the creative workshop of the Russian Academy of Arts under the guidance of the academician Andrei Pakhomov. In 2014, Andrei became a teacher of drawing for the senior courses of the Russian Academy of Arts named after I. E. Repin. Andrei Andreev is the winner of various national and international competitions such as Lexus New Art (Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art), “Reviving the Classics” (Academy of Arts), “Vices” (Avrora Fashion Week in Manege), participant of Martini Art Weekend (“Red October”, Moscow), Student Art Fair (Artplay, Moscow) and ArtPark (design factory “Flacon”, Moscow). Andrei Andreev has been a part of various exhibitions in the Union of Artists, the Art Academy, private galleries of Saint Petersburg and Moscow.   Andrei Andreev's artwork balances between abstraction and figurativity. The artist isolates the figure without forcing it to be immobile, and gives shape to a special kind of movement or the willingness to do it. This inward movement is directed to make the figure learn its own place in the world. The figurative nature of the painting suggests the connection between the elements, which inevitably leads to an illustrative narrative. One can avoid it via abstraction and the aesthetic autonomy of the work, but also via the insulation of the figure. A visual text in any case is broken down, even if we guess through its fragments the traces of the alphabet which constitute reality. Isolation allows us to avoid storytelling. It is necessary because of Andreev’s pictures that are saturated with cultural allusions.


2017 — «AGAINST EVERYONE!», group exhibition, «VLADEY Space»(Moscow)
2017 — the Partisipant of  Sam Fair (Saint Petersburg)
2016 — the Participant of Art16 London (London, United Kingdom) 25Kadr Gallery
2015 — EXHIBITION 0/5  group show, 25Каdr Gallery (Moscow)
2015 — Exhibition of finalists of the competition "New Names" (Museum of Nonconformist Art, St. Petersburg)
2015 — Solo show in the art residence Espronceda (Barcelona, Spain)
2015 — the Participant of auction (London, United Kingdom)
2015 —  "Omsk — St. Petersburg. Transit" in Omsk the house of the artist (Omsk)
2015 — the Participant of the Art Anfas festival and the Five o'clock exhibition (the museum of a city sculpture, St. Petersburg)
2015 — Group show in the loft of Proupes Haus, the organizer 25Kadr Gallery (Moscow)
2015 — Solo show, Untitled 25Kadr Gallery, (Kristall factory, Moscow)
2014 — Solo show in Open Club gallery (Moscow)
2014 — the Exhibition of teachers of Academy of Arts of Repin (Shenzhen, China)
2014 — the Group exhibition (Weizhou, China)
2014 — EXHIBITION 0/4 group show, 25Kadr Gallery (Moscow)
2013 — the Participant of Red Dot Miami Art Fair (Miami, the USA) 25Kadr Gallery
2013 — the Personal exhibition in Master gallery (St. Petersburg)
2013 — the Winner of the International biennial of printing graphics (The state art museum of the Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan)
2013 — the Russian-Chinese Dialogue exhibition (Lifen, China)
2013 — Solo show 25Kadr Gallery (Moscow)
2013 — the Grandee from the Union of artists of Russia for a series of theses
2013 — EXHIBITION 0/3 group show, 25Каdr Gallery (Moscow)
2012 — the Nominee of an award of Pyotr Konchalovsky (Moscow)
2012 — the Grandee of the Union of Artists of Russia at a youth exhibition in the nomination "Graphics"
2012 — the Participant of Martini Art Weekend (Red October, Moscow)
2012 — the Winner of the competition "Reviving Classics" (Academy of Arts, St. Petersburg)
2012 — EXHIBITION 0/2 group show, 25Kadr Gallery (Moscow)
2011 — It is awarded by the letter of thanks from the president of the Russian academy of Arts Zurab Konstantinovich Tsereteli
2011 — the Impression Exhibition (Kotka, Finland)
2011 — the Participant of StudentArtFair (Artplay on Yauza, Moscow)
2011 — the Winner of the international competition "Defects" (Aurora Fashion Week in TsVZ the Arena, Moscow)
2010 — the Winner of the competition Lexus New Art (the Museum of Modern Art of "Erart", St. Petersburg)
2009 — the Winner of an exhibition of prints (South Korea)
2009 — the Exhibition of ex-librises (Estonia)

Works are in private collections of Russia, Estonia, Korea, the USA, Great Britain and China, and also in the Stary Oskol art museum and the State art museum of the Republic of Tatarstan in the city of Kazan.

Review of the artist

Some Works

2013, oil on canvas
103,5х103,5 cm

2013, oil on canvas
100x110 cm, 120x100 cm, 85x100 cm



2016, mixed media
70x100 cm, 80x60 cm

66х71 cm

Oil on canvas
138x174 cm, 150x200 cm and other size