The exhibition runs: 16th of May – 5th of June


Novokuznetskaya street 29 building 1

Gallery hours: Mon – Sat 12:00 p.m. – 19:00 p.m.

25KADR GALLERY is glad to present a solo exhibition of Sergei Lotsmanov «Color semantics». Sergei Lotsmanov is an artist from Estonia. The main forms of artistic expression are painting and graphics. He finished: Painting department of Venetsianov art school in Tver (2004), Estonian Academy of Fine Arts in Tallinn (2010) and Institute of Contemporary ART in Moscow (2012).

An important mission of Sergei Lotsmanov's art is to study modern society and analyze its inherent flaws and shortcomings. Mobility, which is constantly praised by the society of the 21st century, remains an unattainable dream of the masses. Thus, in Sergei's works a situational meaning is laid, which makes the viewer think about the development of modern society and the world in which it lives.

In his new exhibition "Semantics of Color" Sergei Lotsmanov will try to explain his philosophy through various color solutions and their meanings. Color, as a pure signifier, which affects human emotions. The reaction of an individual to a certain shade will depend on a large number of factors and even randomness. Predicting it in advance is almost impossible. But in a visual epoch, in a certain context, color can also perform the function of a sign, which, as you know, always indicates only another sign in the semantic chain.

Blue - in the keyhole we see a monitor. On the screen is a film about the Second World War, why about the second? Because through the keyhole you can see only one eye, and the second eye remains off. Red is a brick in a pool of blood. The world society is plunged into a state of global civil war. Gray - the mountains of ashes, that's what will remain after the nuclear disaster. Perfect lifeless landscape, which will not have a single observer

In 2017 Sergey Lotsmanov entered the rating of the top 100 recognized authors according to the InArt version, and in 2012 he was nominated for the STRABARG award of art. The author's works are in the collections: MMSI, ROSIZO, the NCCA Foundation Art Museum of Estonia, the Gazprombank collection and other private collections.

Selected exhibitions:

2017 – «Flower is not a flower», Gallery Arcade Park Gorky (Moscow)

2017 – «Round flower», the library of Argunova (Moscow)

2017 – «Blueflower», AXIO Center (Moscow)

2017 – «Blueflower2», Meeting room (Moscow)

2016 – «The observation effect , Gallery 21 (Moscow)

2016 – «Simple equality = Internal modernism», Gallery Sandy Ground (Moscow) the parallel program of the V Moscow International Biennial of Young Art, the «Ground Peschanaya (Moscow)

2015 – «Planet Map», Gallery on Shabolovka (Moscow)

2014-2013 – «Binary House», Gallery 21 (Moscow)

2012 – «Synopticon», Gallery 21 (Moscow)

2009 – «Quantum melancholy», Project «Start» (Moscow)

Art fairs participation: