Anton Totibadze "SET OF ELEGANCE"


Anton Totibadze

May 20 - June 10, 2014

Bersenevsky Pereulok, 2/1, «Red October»
2nd floor of PAPER space

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Anton Totibadze "SET OF ELEGANCE"

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Official opening: May 20th 2014 – 19:00
Exhibition dates: May 21st – June 10th 2014

Culinary metamorphoses of Anton Totibadze

Kitchen relationships of Anton Totibadze unfolding in one of the kitchens in the North-Western administrative district of Moscow tell us about him and his generation marvelous story with a happy ending and a pleasant aftertaste. It is not the same kitchen that was described by writers and artists twenty or even ten years ago. There are no dirty dishes, no bad moods, no economic crises and no dark thoughts about future anymore. Love, friendship, and recognition reign in this kitchen with a wooden table in the center looking like the main family dowry. A well-done steak that was bought in a secret market stall from a court butcher will always be more important than the daily evening newscast here; fried eggs for the beloved one will concern you much more than today’s exchange rate. The interrupted discussion with your favored friend with whom you drank seventeen shot glasses will be persistently on your mind for the whole next day. What will not bother you at all will be a hangover – all the recipes against it can been found on the same table of the same home in the North-Western administrative district of Moscow.

Ekaterina Polozhentceva


Anton Totibadze was born in 1993 in a family of artists. His father Konstantin Totibadze and uncle George Totibadze are painters as well. Anton had been in a karate section for seven years and had been playing piano for the same period, and then he also learnt how to play the drum. His teacher Elena Trofimova was the first to introduce him to the profession of design and paint. His teacher and family friend Oxana Anisimova taught him how to paint.

Anton considers his first cooking of khinkali in 2009 as highly important event of the artist’s life. From this time until now, Anton has been fond of culinary art and has created the project «Full days» for which he organizes a place, invites the people, goes to the market, cooks, and then eats and drinks, making photo and video reports.

Anton has graduated the High School of Graphic Design with honour (Studio of Boris Trofimov).



  • Exhibition «Performance», Cafe «Mart»


  • Exhibition «The day's routine», Gallery «180 м² Project»


  • 1st mutual family exhibition «All Totibadze», Gallery «The Rose of Azora»
  • International exhibition Art-Moscow
  • Participation in the exhibition «Cookery book of the State Russian Museum»


  • The State Russian Museum
  • Private collections in Russia, Georgia, USA, France, and Latvia


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