Urban Pattern


Mila Polle

11 Sen 2014

Bersenevsky Pereulok, 2/1, «Red October»
2nd floor of PAPER space

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Urban Pattern

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Urban Pattern. Milla Polle

The young contemporary artist Mila Polle attempted to depict the atmosphere of the megapolis alongside the personality encapsulating its spirit. Coco Chanel, Amy Winehouse, Steve Jobs are all the genius loci, who, in their lives and on paper, are absolutely inseparable from their urban habitat. The artist has rethought the postcard city landscapes and over-reproduced portraits through her signature pattern technique, filling every cell of the familiar image and changes it from the inside with a kind of manic precision.


About Author

Mila Polle was born and bred in Moscow. She graduated from MSU with a degree in international relationships. Mila was always into art, however her talent is majorly self-made. A keen traveller, she lived and studied in Beijing and England. Upon graduating from MSU she decided to take a risk and enrolled on a course at London Colledge of fashion, where she discovered and shaped her style as an artist.